Pilates in the community

Pilates wherever you are

Increase flexibility, discover a sense of well-being and join your local friendly Bath Pilates Academy Matwork class. Or enjoy a lesson tailored just for you in your own home.

Ladies community picDiscover a source of well-being through Pilates and relaxation practices that will transform your mind and body.  Experience highly individual teaching and a personal commitment to transforming stress into relief, stiffness into flexibility and tension into relaxation resulting in a healthier, happier self. Most people beginning Pilates for the first time start with a course of Mat classes. Here your Pilates journey begins.

Classes are taught in Bath at various venues in Bear Flat, Combe Down,  Weston and Widcombe.

1-to-1’s  are taught in my home studio or I can come to your own home or office.

See timetable for venues and times >

Pilates is for everyone

Whatever your fitness level, Pilates is for everyone.  I train all bodies.  Those that are vulnerable, exceptional and everyone inbetween too.  The classes are small  (max 12 people) so you get individual attention with other like minded people.  And you will have fun too.

You must attend a beginners class before joining a regular class if you haven’t tried Pilates before. Alternatively, a few Private sessions can bring you up to a level where you can join a regular class.  These sessions tend to incorporate a variety of exercises including standing, or exercising on all fours, on your back, on your tummy, lying on your side, and from a seated position. The sessions aim to wake up the whole posture enabling better movement through life.

Classes cost £11 per class paid in advance per term.

Private One to One lessons (or share with a friend)

header 6If group lessons are not convenient, then one to one lessons may be the perfect option for you at a time that suits your schedule.  I can also teach two people  so you can practice with a friend and have fun at the same time.

The real advantage of these sessions is that the exercises given are tailored to suit your needs and objectives. You will achieve greater progression and I can modify the exercises to suit you so gain a sense of achievement after every session.

Private lessons in your own home or in my studio cost £55 or £250 for a block of 5.

Contact me for booking or questions

Please contact me if you would like to book an appointment or have any questions >