Pilates for Golfers

Would you normally pair up Pilates with Golf?  Would you like to improve your set-up, backswing, downswing or follow-through? To generate more power in the transition.  Finish well reducing chance of injury?  Then a series of Pilates workshops could help you improve.

Improve your golf and avoid injury, with Pilates

Why Pilates for Golfers?
‘Body Control Pilates for Golfers’ offers you a specially-adapted exercise programme that will help you to optimise your performance and improve your game. It will enable you to:

become more body aware

improve swing efficiency and consistency and build core strength, enabling you to hit the ball farther

reduce the risk of injury, prolonging your golfing career

improve your general health and well being

I’m running Pilates for Golfers workshop programmes which comprise of specially-adapted exercises that can help improve performance and reduce the risk of injury.  Pilates is an established part of the conditioning regime of most top golfers. Take a look at a clip of what can cause a bad shot…



So, why practice Pilates as a golfer? In a nutshell, Pilates teaches you to use the deep muscles of the torso and effective breathing patterns to control the spine. Pilates helps you to learn to recruit the deep postural muscles, ensure every muscle is doing its job at the right time, it encourages good posture and improves flexibility and strength. All of these elements are required for good golf performance, preventing injury and improving function on and off the golf course.

Sports physician Vijay Vad worked on the PGA tour and suggested that pilates provides “tripod of benefits: 1.stamina, 2. power for distance, 3. injury prevention”.

So Pilates can help.  Get in touch if you would like to get the edge on your golfing friends…..


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