Why sitting is so bad for you….

Do you ever suffer from a numb bum at your desk?

So what we know is that sitting for hours at a desk is bad for you.  However, you have to get that assignment finished, the presentation needs to be in by 5pm and you haven’t started it yet.  The phone rings and you bend your neck to hold the phone between your ear and your shoulder as you scramble to find the relevant piece of paper on your desk the caller is questioning your about.   Sitting for long periods of time, your Joints stiffen all the way down through the body from the top of the neck through the spine to the pelvis.  Legs don’t move and the hips, knees and ankles stiffen up.  Blood pools in the feet and flows badly through the pressure points (numb bum).

So here are some helpful tips so you can get through the day without stiffening too much.

  • No time to leave the desk?  Drink lots of water so you have to get up to the loo.
  • Got to run to a meeting?  Take the stairs, walk as fast as you can to get there.
  • Set your phone or timer on your computer every 20 to 30 minutes so that you can stand up. Do some calf stretches.  Do some neck stretches.  Shoulder circles.
  • When your phone goes, take the call standing up and move around while you talk.
  • Consider buying a stand up desk so you stand in the office rather than sit.
  • Check your posture when you are sitting in the chair.
  • Make every excuse to get up out of your chair – make coffee for colleagues, do the photocopying,  take mail to the mail room.

Do Pilates!

The strengthening aspect of your Pilates class will help you to build balanced and co-ordinated muscles throughout the body from the neck, shoulder, upper back, through the whole spine and hip, knee and ankle joints.  It strengthens your back and deep abdominal  muscles which help support your spine. It teaches you to correct your alignment so you are more aware of how you are sitting/standing.  783673519523936177

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