Pilates classes in Bath

Increase your flexibility, muscle tone, joint mobility, balance and improve your posture.

Take time out to relax and renew your essential energies.

New beginnners class to start 0n January 25th at 6pm, Thursday night at Bruton Avenue in Bath. Contact me for more information.

Bath Pilates Academy helps you achieve a complete sense of physical and mental well-being.

Discover a source of well-being through Pilates and relaxation practices that will transform your mind and body.

Experience highly individual teaching and a personal commitment to transforming stress into relief, stiffness into flexibility and tension into relaxation resulting in a healthier, happier self.


CommunityPilates in the community

Increase flexibility.

Discover a sense of well-being.

Join your local friendly Pilates class Pilates classes in the community >

Pilates in the workWorkplace 

Discover how to create a happier work-place.

Reduce absenteeism.

Relieve stress and tension at work >

Contact me for booking or questions

Please contact me to book a class or have a private session tailored to your needs >

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